Friday, October 17, 2008

Orlando Slumming and Films being pushed

So yeah, both Rachel Getting Married and Happy-Go-Lucky are in the process of an ultra-conservative release schedule, obviously created to make people like me (in Orlando) suffer. I have confidence that I will be able to see these films eventually, but why must I have to wait so long? All Oscar marketing babble, I'm sure. I notice films like Sex Drive and Max Payne have no problem being slotted in thousands of theaters across the country. [scratches head]

In other news, The Road seems destined for a 2009 release, unfortunately. There's no official word from The Weinstein Company about it just yet, but seeing as its aimed at a Nov. 14 release and there has been no promotion whatsoever, it doesn't look good. Early test screenings and leaked studio information spell doom for the John Hilcoat picture. Another film, though, The Soloist is officially being lifted from Oscar contention, being pushed from its original Nov. 21 release to Mar. 13 of '09. Kind of shocking considering that the film had already started promoting itself on TV spots, but hey, Fall movies can do that occasionally.

One more thing, wrote this great article about how the Oscars are not the true measure of greatness in cinema, but a celebration of the film industry itself. The list of Oscar-snubbed films, actors, and directors may flat-out shock a few of you.

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