Sunday, May 17, 2009

Double Trailer Watch Whammy: Nine & Whatever Works

In my two-week hiatus, there was an incredible emergence of late-year trailer sightings. First The Road, and now Nine. I'm still not sure if I'm as excited about this film as I am for the animated film 9 (I know these films have nothing to do with each other but they'll always be tied together in my mind), but seeing the actual images that Rob Marshall creates always drums up anticipation and enthusiasm. The most interesting thing that I saw in the preview was the opportunity for Day-Lewis to be playful (when's the last time we've seen that? A Room With A View?); and of course, the film's star-studded female line-up (Kidman, Cruz, Dench, Loren, Cotillard) is something to behold.

Ah... it feels so good to see Woody going back to his bread and butter. Not that he isn't a good serious filmmaker (Interiors and Another Woman are all sorts of brilliant), but there's nothing I love more than watching Woody at his most purely nebbish and silly. Add to that a seemingly perfect match-up with Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David, and a supporting cast including Patricia Clarkson, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Begley Jr., and Michael McKean, and there is a possible set-up for Woody's best film since 1999's Sweet and Lowdown (I don't care what anyone says, all of his films have been mediocre since that great movie).

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