Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Broken Bones

This was meant to be another 'Trailer Watch' post with the newly-released trailer for The Lovely Bones, but supposedly the trailer was only meant to be seen on, and it has been taken down across all trailer and video websites that allow you to embed. Oh well, you can go ahead and click here to go to the website where you can see it. Having seen it myself, it looks about as beautiful, well-made, and melodramatic as most people expected. Everyone in the cast looks exceptional, though I'm surprised how they made it seem like a taut thriller toward the end. I've never read the novel (and don't plan to--I don't read), but the story seems incredibly interesting, and it's exciting to see Peter Jackson return to the darker, more personal films that he made before he became swallowed by Lord of the Rings mania. Heavenly Creatures, anyone?

P.S. How super-creepy is Stanley Tucci in this trailer?
Balding + Mustache = Child molester/murderer... That always seems like a perfect combination in a visual medium.

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