Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trailer Watch: That Evening Sun

Hal Holbrook built up a lot of good will with one hell of a performance in Into The Wild. He was only in the film for a small fraction of the time, but in that limited space he reminded most people just how good of a performer he can be. That was in 2007, and two years later, he is headlining That Evening Sun, and getting several good notices. I'm not sure how many people are interested in a film that has an eighty-four year old in the starring role, but I doubt this film was produced for the box office intake. The trailer exults a Flannery O'Conner-esque Southern Gothic, and who doesn't like that? (The Answer is: most people, but I'll still be in line to see it)

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Samantha said...

Loved this movie!! I saw it at SXSW this spring. Hal Holbrook is absolutely brilliant. His performance was very touching and hopefully he will get much deserved nonimations.